1. Revitalization of Spinning Mills under TEXFED

(Outlay: Rs. 720.00 lakh)

The scheme envisages renovation of plant and machinery of co-op spinning mills under Texfed. The modernization projects of Malappuram and Kannur Co-operative spinning mills were approved by NCDC, for Rs. 1340.00 lakh and Rs. 1300 lakh respectively. Out of the above, Rs. 1112.09 lakh and Rs. 1080.90 lakh to the mills have already been drawn and disbursed during the previous budget periods upto 2011-12. As per the revised project report the estimated cost have been increased to Rs. 2240.00 lakh for Malappuram and Rs. 2100.00 lakh for Kannur co-operative spinning mills and balance amount of Rs. 1127.91 lakh and 1019.10 lakh are required respectively, to complete these projects.

An outlay of Rs. 250.00 lakh to Malappuram co-operative spinning mills and                  Rs. 250.00 lakh to Kannur co-operative spinning mills are provided in the annual Budget 2013-14.

Government is also considering modernization/expansion of Trichur co-operative spinning mills, Alleppey and Quilon co-operative spinning mill with NCDC loan assistance. In the Annual budget 2013-14 an outlay of Rs. 220.00 lakh is provided for modernization/expansion programme of Thrissur, Alleppey and Quilon Co-op spinning mills, subject to the approval of NCDC.