1. Development of Powerloom Industry

i) Facilities for Training in Powerloom                     (Outlay: Rs. 25.00 lakh)

Directorate of handloom & textiles is providing training in powerloom weaving, designing etc. through demonstration-cum-training centre, Thiruvananthapuram, IIHT Kannur, Texfed and Integrated powerloom societies. It is proposed to provide training for the members of the powerloom societies and private entrepreneurs for skill upgradation/job opportunities.

An outlay of Rs. 250.00 lakh is provided to train 150 workers in the financial year 2013-14.

ii) Share Participation to Power loom Co-operative Societies

(Outlay: Rs. 15.00 lakh)

The scheme is meant for providing Government share as margin money for working capital and for modernization of the Power loom Co-operative Societies for availing loans from financial institutions in technology upgradation.

An outlay of Rs. 15.00 lakh is provided in the Annual Budget 2013-14 to assist 5 powerloom co-operative societies.

2. Modernization of Powerloom Societies under TEXFED and Marketing Support

(Outlay: Rs. 600.00 lakh)

a.   Modernization of Integrated Powerloom            :   Rs. 175.00 lakh

b.   Providing Marketing Support and Promoting

    Value added Products                                     :   Rs. 200.00 lakh

c.    Production of non woven technical textiles from

    waste pet bottle                                            :   Rs. 225.00 lakh

The modernization will be implemented in a phased manner in the five Integrated Powerloom Societies of the state. It is estimated that a total amount of Rs. 6888.32 lakh is required for the modernization project of five integrated powerloom societies working in the State.

In the Annual Budget 2013-14, a total outlay of Rs. 175.00 lakh is provided for the modernization programme, viz. Rs. 50.00 lakh to Neyyattinkara Integrated powerloom co-operative society, Rs. 75.00 lakh to Kottayam integrated powerloom co-operative society, Rs. 25.00 lakh each to Calicut and Wayanad integrated powerloom co-operative societies. Assistance will be provided for developing Marketing Support, brand building of product produced by the integrated societies through IIHT Kannur.

Assistance will also be provided for the development in production of value added products in the Integrated Powerloom Societies. An outlay of Rs. 200.00 lakh is provided for this in the Annual Budget 2013-14.

Production of Non Woven Technical Textiles from Waste Pet Bottle (New Component)

Kerala Hi-Tech weaving and garments co-operative mills ltd. (M/s. KELTEX), Kuttippuram proposed to implement a project for producing non woven fabric from discard materials like per bottles with the direction of IIHT. It’s total project cost is 47.50 crore. It is proposed to implement the project with the assistance of NCDC, in a phased manner. An outlay of Rs. 225.00 lakh is provided in the Annual Budget 2013-14, as a token provision for implementing 1st phase during the year 2013-14, subject to the approval of NCDC.

3. Group Insurance Scheme for Powerloom Weavers (State Share)

(Outlay: Rs. 0.50 lakh)

This is a centrally assisted scheme, which provides insurance coverage to the workers in the powerloom sector. Out of the total premium of Rs. 330 per Weaver, Rs. 100 will be provided by LIC of India Rs. 150 by GOI directly to LIC of India and the balance amount of Rs. 80 is the weaver’s contributions which will be met by the State Government.

An outlay of Rs. 0.50 lakh is provided as State share in the Annual Budget 2013-14 to enroll weavers for this programme.